Product of the Week: Astrid Leather Minimalist Wallet | Paolo

I’ve been in search of a quality leather wallet before and all of them are good, but for me, I think I found the best leather wallet with great quality at an affordable price! I’m sure all of us are looking for something that’s worth our money right? Well this leather wallet is worth more.

This minimalist wallet is from Astrid Leather. It has 2 card pockets plus 2 slots where you can put your cash. It’s really simple yet with great quality leather! You’ll see what I mean when you get your own.


You can actually choose from the leather colors that they have and you can actually choose the color of the thread! What I got was a blue leather wallet with white thread so it looked classy for me. You can also have your name engraved to personalize it!

Astrid Leather.jpg

You can choose from the leather colors here:




You can find more color choices in their website.

Astrid Leather also has a lot of products like passport holders, leather tray, Iphone sleeve, Card holders and tin envelope clutches.

Here’s more photos to indulge you with their products:

Gadget Clutch


Key Holder


IPhone Sleeve


Passport Holder


Cord Clips


Leather Tray


Card Holder


Money Clip


For the price, I suggest you go and visit their website at and for more questions just go to their FAQs

All of these images are from their website and they still have a lot of things that can offer you so go to now and get your own Astrid leather products!!


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