How I became a life coach

As you all know me, I’m an entrepreneur, but some of you don’t know that I’m a life coach too. 😀 I am a Psychology Major from Baliuag University Philippines and I have been a coach since I was a 2nd-year college. Life coaching was something that I did when unconsciously when I was in high school because all of my friends come to me when they want a guide or advice towards their life; love life, habits, and even changing careers! It was my nature to help people that were lost, afraid and confused. I just realized everything when I was in my senior year.

That’s when I decided that I wanted to be a psychology major, which helps me in my knowledge when it comes to the philosophical and psychological explanations of things that are happening.

In my 2nd year of college, after years of helping people, I heard of the term “life coaching”. I became curious about what that was and to my surprise, that’s what I was doing since my high school days! So I went and search for the best courses that I could find, and I found one! All of the contents was easy for me to swallow because life coaching stems from philosophy and psychology, plus, the experience that I had with life coaching.

After my certification was done, I went and looked for clients, and I did! It was my friends, and most of them were my high school friends! I also had clients from all walks of life, engineers, doctors, architects, carpenters, etc. Because of my passion, now I turned it into something that I can earn just by helping other people! If you’re worried about my salary, I’m earning $2000 per month just by being a life coach! I don’t really mind the money because I just want to help people.

Until now I’m still a life coach and I still want to help people. If you’re interested in the life coaching certification program that I took click here!

And if you want me to be your personal life coach, I’ll definitely give you a discount as a thank you for reading my story. 🙂