Why I made Pomade Base Philippines

As an Entrepreneur, I wanted to help my country; my brothers in the Philippines. I have this urge to make my country prosper, to bring more investors so that the economy of the Philippines may flourish. That was my main goal.

In my spare time, I was searching for products that will help me in my hairstyle and I ended up in a pomade group! This pomade group “Pomade Talk Philippines” made me feel that we were a family. It’s not that group where people constantly advertise their products, they really help each other out; the pomade owners helping amateur brewers and helping them improve their brew. Then I realized, I want to help my unc’s (that’s what we call each other, it’s short-term for uncle) with their passion and help their babies (products) be discovered more by our fellow Filipinos. All I do on this page is showcase pomade brands that are made by Filipinos and encourage my followers to check out the products our uncs have made.

Help me in spreading awareness for my uncs’ so that more Filipinos can find awesome pomades that are proudly made by our brothers in the Philippines! Help us support local brewers and help the pomade industry in the Philippines prosper!

Follow us on Instagram: @pomadebaseph
Like our facebook page: @pomadebaseph

Thank you for the support! More power to you! POMADE BASE PH (2)

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2 thoughts on “Why I made Pomade Base Philippines

  1. Hey friend; I really like your ideas you have shared in this blog post. I want to encourage you to continue in the direction you have presented; helping your native land. This is the right attitude and spirit, now PLEASE continue to follow your passions and keep motivated! The sky is truly the limit; FOR THOSE WHO WILL SOAR! The same attitude you are presenting here; is what I am desiring to do with my blog, so PLEASE come and share money ideas @

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    1. Thank you so much! Will definitely check it out 🙂


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