Valet.Social Review. The best way to gain twitter followers.

Valet is a social media marketing tool that helps you to automatize your twitter marketing efforts. Twitter has been around for over 10  years now, and it has over 300 million active users. Which means a lot of potential costumers.

Social media advertising nowadays

When we are talking about social media advertising probably Facebook and maybe instagram are the most common platforms. But the thing is, even though Facebook has a very good, targetable audience, now every marketer using it to drive traffic. Which made Facebook advertising very expensive after 2017. Instagram is basically the same.

What about Twitter?

Not many people are using twitter ads though. Twitter ads came a long way in terms of targeting the right audience but still not nearly as good as Facebook or LinkedIn. and twitter adverts tend to be more expensive.

However, there is a way you get to use high-quality traffic for free on twitter. But it’s hard work. You probably already guessed it. Liking, commenting and posting content people engage with. But most importantly: following other people. For example, if you are an artist tying to reach the world and get followers you can do the following. Search hashtags in your niche like #photoshopartist or #watercolorart, whatever, you get the point. And then you like, comment and repost others work, get your name out there. And the most important part: you find other accounts that are similar to yours and already have  a good following, and start follow their followers. One by one manually. Yes, it’s hard work but over time it is possible to build up a large following. But there is a tool that can do this following method for you if you wont to spend your time building your business rather than following hundreds of random twitter accounts.

What is Valet.Social?

And that tool is called Valet.Social. Valet.Social is a brilliant twitter marketing tool making the process much easier. You can simply add your twitter and a few accounts that are similar to yours. Then the program finds the best accounts for you to follow. Which are the best accounts is based on many things like engagement, follow back ratio, the number of following and so on. Basically, it suggests you accounts that are most likely to follow you back. When twitter launched in 1006 it was kind of a n etiquette to follow back everyone that follows you. Not anymore. You are lucky if you have a 10% follow back rate.

With the use of Valet.Socials personalized recommendation, you can get a much higher follow back ratio than that. They email you a list of curated accounts every day that you should be following so you don’t have to search them manually. And you don’t have to follow thousands of accounts a day to get x amount of followers because of Valet.Social sending you the best accounts to follow via email. So it’s the same results but you did int in a few minutes instead of a few hours.

Valet.Social’s twitter marketing tool costs $10 a month but there is also a free plan switch I highly recommend to try out. Click here to learn more about this amazing tool!