What happens when you don’t care

As an entrepreneur, I learned a lot of things when started to ignore what everyone says. But it wasn’t an easy task because ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be famous among my friends and I wanted to be the star or life of the party. But then I saw that giving so much attention to what my friends or the people around me says, I always got stuck with my idea. I always end up not doing that thing that I wanted to do.

So, what happens when you don’t care?

  1. You get to do what you really want.
    The reason why you’re restricted is because you care so much about the people around you that they dictate everything. Which in turn makes you stagnant in your growth and let them control your life.
  2. You open up yourself to opportunities that they can’t have.
    Why? Because all they do is make fun of you, make other people’s lives miserable by giving criticism that doesn’t really help you. You tend to be afraid of taking an opportunity because you’re afraid of what other people will say. That’s why you miss the opportunity even though you can take it as it passed by you.
  3. You begin to be creative
    Why? Because you let the inner creative in you to rule you and bring out things that no one has ever seen. Remember that everyone is special and that each and everyone has their own unique self.
  4. You move forward
    You move forward because you are not afraid anymore to do what you’re supposed to do because you ignore every non-essential thing that other people are telling you.

Here are the things that I learned when I started to ignore people that are not helping me in my success. What are your experiences when it comes to this subject? I love to know in the comments below.