Why I love reading as an entrepreneur

The thing about being an entrepreneur is you never stop learning. Reading books always has that reward for me because I learn new things, discover new things from people that are successful like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Reading also helps me with my vocabulary and my writing because I tend to adapt what I read; writing style, tone, and the flow.

Some people don’t fancy reading books because they’re not used to it, but if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to devote yourself in reading books so that you can keep up with your competitors that are working 24 hours trying to beat you.

Listening to audiobooks helps me to learn too, because when I’m traveling or walking, I can still absorb information because I can hear what I read. So If you’re not an avid fan reader, you should definitely try using audible, they have a lot of resources when it comes to audiobooks. And if you haven’t tried but have heard of audiobook, you should definitely listen to  one.

Moments ago, I just finished one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and I really learned a lot from him when it comes to investing and having the financial knowledge to create a perfect cash flow. But in that book, it never tells you that you can get rich because being rich is a long and arduous process. Millenials nowadays are really impatient. Even though they’re only 8 months, according to simon sinek, millenials complain that they don’t have any impact. Another reason is that millenials are being called entitled even though they are just the victim of bad leaders.

I can relate to what simon sinek what was talking about because the reason that I became an entrepeneur is because of my current advisor in my bachelor’s degree. She is a biased professor and she always picks on me even though I’m not doing anything at her. Her false belief that she’s always right is the thing irritates me the most because that’s not true. She always tells us that she’s just preparing us for the real world where bosses are tough and sometimes are nice, but she wants to prepare us for the worst.

As she was telling this to us, I thought to myself “I will never be an employee because I can’t afford to have a boss like this monster of a professor that personally hates me.” Because of her hatred, I can see that she’s trying all her might just make my life miserable. I remember one time when a few of my classmates didn’t pass their project, ofcourse I was with them. But then at the end of the semester, I was the only one that got a failing grade even though some of my classmates didn’t pass their requirements. From that moment on I told myself that I will never EVER be an employee in my life.

What are your thoughts about the story and what book can you recommend for me? Comment down below! I would love to hear it.