Caviar Token Review

Recently I’ve invested on caviar tokens and I did the best decision of my life. The reason was is because I wanted to invest on real estate but I didn’t know how. Then I found this ad on instagram. Caviar was having their pre-sale discount at that time and I didn’t have the chance to participate until this week where they had their token sale discount.

But what is caviar token and who is behind it?


How Does Investing in Caviar Work?

The team behind Caviar wants to reduce the volatility of investments while increasing the rates of return to higher than average. They hope to achieve this goal by pairing short-term loans that generate income and are backed by United States real estate with crypto-assets that appreciate quickly. By moving the funds between the real estate and crypto markets, Caviar should be able to give investors dual market exposure for income and growth in just one token.

What Are the Benefits of Caviar?

One of the biggest benefits of Caviar is its diversification. Any financial advisor, whether in fiat or cryptocurrencies, will suggest diversification as a means of protecting your assets. Caviar takes care of this in a way that others have not by combining crypto-assets with real estate loans. The result is a portfolio with significantly less sensitivity to risk than one that only features crypto-assets. The design of Caviar allows them to shift most of the investments to real estate or crypto as needed if one experiences a bear market.

The token holders of Caviar get 75 percent of the profits each quarter, directly via smart contract. This means that the team doesn’t go home with all the money; investors make most of it. Because everything is done on the blockchain, all transactions and investments are visible, allowing for complete transparency.

While most funds require a large investment to become involved, Caviar does not. In fact, during the crowd sale, there is absolutely no minimum investment, so you can work with Caviar regardless of how much or little you have to invest. Caviar is also incredibly liquid and guaranteed to be so. The capital is set aside for quarterly buybacks, as well as burn tokens, allowing for this liquidity. In fact, 5 percent of profits will go to repurchasing tokens on various exchanges for extra liquidity.

Does Caviar Have a Strong Track Record?

Caviar should be able to deliver a strong success rate to investors thanks to the Intelligent Predictive Model for Crypto Asset and Crypt Currency, a proprietary price forecasting system that has been backed up by real data science.

The algorithm and other elements of the system behind Caviar have already proven their worth with a strong historical performance. There are five years with successfully managed real estate funds, along with numerous years of equally successful investments in assets, such as cryptocurrencies.

Why Should Investors Use Caviar?

In addition to the five-year track record, stable assets, diversification in one token, and guaranteed liquidity, investors should consider Caviar for its immediate profit sharing. Caviar starts payments for profit sharing and deploys funds in the first quarter after the token sale closes. It also has a very strong compliance and legal team, and it follows all regulations so investments through Caviar are never questioned.

Caviar Investors

How Is Caviar Secure?

To ensure the security of your investment, as well as the platform’s infrastructure, Caviar uses industry best practices. This includes multi-sig wallets, institutional-grade security, least privileged access, and cold storage.

Get to Know the Token and Sale

The presale for the tokens goes from Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, with the crowd sale lasting from Dec. 12 to Jan. 31. Issuance will occur within 30 days after the token generating event. The token is an ERC20, and the goal is to raise $25 million. Each token costs $0.10 with a maximum token supply of 375 million.

The minimum during the presale will be $500, and there is a 20 percent discount on investments of up to $9,999. This increases to a 25 percent discount with investments of up to $24,999 and 30 percent on those above $25,000. There are bonuses during the crowd sale, with 15 percent for days 1 to 3, 12.5 percent for days 4 to 6, 10 percent for 7 to 9, and 7.5 percent for 10 to 12.

ICO Details

Of the proceeds, 80 percent will go to the portfolio, 10 percent to administrative and legal, and 5 percent each to the reserve fund and technology development. 85 percent of the tokens will be distributed during the sales, with 12 percent going to advisors and the company and 3 percent going to bounties.

The setup of the token allows for the continuous growth of its value. Out of the profits, 20 percent are automatically reinvested into the fund. In the future, Caviar will be available on multiple exchanges; the team is currently in talks. During the sales, Caviar accepts LTC, ETH, BTC, and Waves for cryptocurrencies and EUR and USD for fiat currencies.

How Can I Get Involved Other Than Investing?

In addition to purchasing tokens, there are other ways to become involved in Caviar. The platform also includes a community of mentors, peers, service providers, and developers. As you participate in the community, you earn rewards. Additionally, real estate developers can take advantage of Caviar as a crowdfunding platform. They can use it to raise funds for projects, while token holders can use it to get extra profits.


For those in search of a cryptocurrency that allows for a simple diversification of investments, Caviar is the perfect choice. It is very rare to find a token that allows you to invest in both cryptocurrencies and real estate or even just one that involves real estate investment, allowing Caviar to target a previously untapped market. This should provide for additional stability for investors, while the five-year track record inspires confidence.

If you want to invest in caviar token you can click here to get started.

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