$100 Giveaway for the Month of December

HI THERE! I’m Ax Huecas the owner of this blog and I have exciting news for you!!! I’m giving away $100 if you become my patron at patreon.com. So what’s in it for you? I’m here to tell you that I will be involving you in my life as a decision maker because I want to experience life with people around me even though you are not with me.

But is it safe? No it’s not safe because I can just go away and take all your money. I did this because I see that the society has an important role in the success of people. I want you to be a part of something great where you can feel that you did something great and you’ve helped someone become successful in life. Of course, I won’t leave all of you behind because you are the ones that helped me be successful. So what’s gonna happen with your pledge?

With your pledge, we can talk about decisions like buying a car or buying a house, smaller things like buying book 1 or book 2 and if you have any suggestions you can give it to me. For now I have a poll where I ask people what should I do when we hit a certain amount of goal. No one’s in it yet, but if you are the first 5 people that will be my patrons, you will a receive a special gift from me and that you will be a shareholder of this project of mine. I will explain everything when you’ve become one of the first five patrons. Cheers everyone!

Here’s the link to my patreon account: