One thing that I learned the hard way today

2 days ago, I just ordered 500$ worth of bitcoin from because I wanted to be a part of the caviar token pre-sale. But the stupidest thing that happened is that I didn’t follow my gut that automated cash deposits would take days for them to confirm the payment. I was so stressed because the pre-sale ends in 24 hours.

Turns out. The pre-sale ended and I still don’t have my coins.

I just lost a 5% discount because of my stupidity. That 5% is no small amount because I just lost 270 caviar just because I didn’t go with my gut. Now I understood what kevin o’leiry said about following one’s own gut because your gut will really save you. One thing that also led me to deposit the money through the machine is because the bank was about to close so I had to make a decision quickly. So the thing that I learned is that having the patience and composure will push you to make the right decisions.

Another thing that I learned today is to never, EVER, make decisions base on my emotions because I just lost 10$ for my investment on caviar. 10$ might seem small but It’s big for me because that could’ve been used for caviar tokens too. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I used it on binary trading that I traded all of my money for nothing. Yeah, as an entrepreneur I really suck but that’s what a life of an entrepreneur is, you live a life of risks. You may lose some or win some but in the end, your hardwork really pays off. For me, I learned to become wiser and to listen to my gut so that I don’t have to lose those things again.

How about you? What are your biggest mistake in life and what did you learn from it?