Things that will make you upset as a start up

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always had difficulties as a start up, and I know most of you too have. Being a start up is not easy and it takes a lot of effort and hardwork for it to work. Sometimes working 18 hours a day won’t make you far and sometimes 2 hours a day works, but it depends whether you work smart or not.

Here are  the things that I encountered as a start up:

1. I was a nobody

Well it’s a no brainer unless you’re already established some place else and that people know you. But most of the time your just like a new cloud in a sky full of other clouds, you may seem similar to others but making something different from anybody else makes you known.

2. It costs a lot to be known

I’ve signed up in a bunch of mail marketing, in online shops, affiliate marketing academies and I did spend my money on google ads which I did see as something that was useless because I was creating something that wasn’t of quality yet. That’s why work smart rather than work hard

3. My impatience killed me

As a start up, most of us came to think that “yeah, it takes time, I’m not in a rush”, but then when we finally set up our stuff, it comes to a point where it gets daunting and boring because what you expected didn’t came, for me that was the case. Even with my ventures, I always thought that everything will come as I pleased because I know it will, turns out, Expectations should be equal with hard work for me to achieve anything that I want in life.

4. Lack of persuasion

No one would listen to a person that has no credibility, or even if they have the credibility, they don’t have the persuasion skills to make people say yes. I read a great blog about this at Vanessa Cast where they had a blog talking about persuading people to say yes. You can read it here. It’s hard for start ups to convinced people that they are worthy being followed, read, and subscribed on their mailing list, that’s why I think start ups need to learn how to persuade people so that they can be known.

What about you? What your struggles as a start up? I want to hear your stories 😀
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