Ways to make money online with zero capital!

Currently, there are millions of people who are
making stable income online. Whether you are looking for a full-time income or
some little extra cash, thanks to the
internet there are now plenty of opportunities to do so. Are you
wondering how you could make money online with no capital? Herein is an
in-depth look on various ways you can generate income in the comfort of your


One of the most popular ways of generating passive
income is by blogging. If you are
passionate about something that you can share through words or video, then why
not start a blog? A blog can generate you tremendous money, though not
immediately. All you need is to create a blog in the area you are passionate
about. Once you gain a considerable readership, you can monetize your blog.

As a blogger, you can undertake product reviews where
you get paid by the company for reviewing their products. Further, you can sign
up with the advertising networks such as Google AdSense and Yahoo networks and
be paid per click or per impression for the adverts placed on your blog by
various companies.

Write and publish an ebook

Another proven way of making passive income is by
writing and publishing ebooks. Before you start writing, it is important to
identify the type of book you want to write, whether fiction or non-fiction.

When starting, non-fiction books on tutorials and
guides, and personal development areas will generate more income than the
fiction books. Then find the best platform that will allow you to publish, and
distribute your ebooks.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the multi-million dollar
online business industry that requires no capital. Most businesses are ready to pay respectable
commission to people who help them sell their products or services. In affiliate
marketing, you simply need to market the products or services to potential
buyers. It becomes successful when you have a website with a large following. Some
of the best affiliate marketing sites include Amazon, Clickbank and, eBay.

YouTube video tutorials

Over the recent years, YouTube has gained popularity
as a great source of generating passive income. Just like the other ways of earning passive
income, it requires a lot effort before you start making considerable money. Building your
audience is essential in monetizing your channel. All you need is upload
quality content and interact with your viewers by responding to their comments
to attract more traffic. Additionally, you can copy the strategies of the most
successful YouTubers and make it unique in your own way.

SEO freelancer

There is no doubt that search engines have
revolutionized the world. It is how major organizations and public figures
increase their visibility online. SEO freelancing is one of the most lucrative
online business, if you have the passion, consider taking it as a career. Currently,
there are many websites where you can learn and sharpen your skills. Like any
other freelance initiative, you need to advertise yourself to get jobs. Further,
you can sign up on websites like Guru, Odesk and, Freelancer where they offer many jobs for the SEO experts.


Even though there are endless ways to make money
online, the above methods gives you a great place to start.