The reason why everyday is a success story

Today, I made the a mistake that was daunting for me. I bought ether tokens using my virtual wallet through a third party app which costs me a lot more than just buying it directly from an ether site! For that reason, I learned that even as an experienced entrepreneur, I can still have mistakes but I can always learn from it. The next time that I’ll buy ether tokens for my investments, I will be more wiser now!

The thing is, our uniform at our internship is an all out white attire where we look like nurses here in the Philippines. We are always mistaken as nurses that’s why later this afternoon, a kid had an accident where he slipped while playing and landed his head on a stone which gave him a wound in his head. I was shocked because there was a lot of blood and it was the first time to see someone bleeding that much. Before I came to him, It was a hot afternoon when someone rushed to our room telling me that someone had an accident and that his head was bleeding, so, I ran because no one was coming for help (And because I was mistaken as a nurse so I just rolled with it).

This kid that we brought to a teacher (who was a registered nurse), was treated badly by her, she treated the wound very violently where he would push the cotton too much at the wound that the kid was telling her that it hurts. Then his teacher came and told him that he was stupid and an idiot for falling down. The kid was cornered that’s why it made me furious, so we left.

That kid should’ve received proper treatment even if it’s his fault, because that’s the nature of kids, to play and to release those unlimited energy that they have. I hope more teachers in our area would treat their students more carefully and with love rather than scold them mindlessly.

What are your thoughts about this? I’m still furious about it lol.

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3 thoughts on “The reason why everyday is a success story

  1. I think you are right. I am a teacher and I do not believe in scolding kids.


    1. Yeah, teaching them is different from scolding them. You can teach kids without scolding them.

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      1. Actually there is a saying…there is a difference between people fearing you and people respecting you. Two different themes.


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