My life as an entrepreneur

My life as an entrepreneur is not easy. Ask any entrepreneur if there life was easy, and they would say no, but it was worth it. You see, I didn’t start out as an entrepreneur myself. I wanted to become a doctor for the reason that my grandmother wanted something “fancy” as a career for me. But then when I started to make my first business, that’s where my passion emerged.

I wasn’t the brightest in class, I wasn’t the one that had straight A’s as a student, I was the one that always wanted to create something and be the leader of it. But then, when it came to studying the lessons that I needed to learn, I was always exhausted for no apparent reason. I didn’t have the drive, the passion, and the commitment to push through, because even though I lie to myself that I love it, I really don’t.

Before college, I always spent my money on online games: League of legends, Ran online, Dota 2, and other mobile games that had micro transactions. As I look back, maybe if I spent all of my money on things that would really make me money, that would the best thing that I’ve done with my life. But it’s too late to feel guilty for it and all I can do now is to not make that mistake again. So ever since I made my first business, I worked 24 hours a day, learning, managing, and studying everything that I needed to learn to have a business. I felt that I’m a student again without someone telling me to study! Now that’s where I knew what I really wanted in life. That’s where I found the work that I don’t feel I’m working.

So I made my very first business. It was Muhen Clothing, a local clothing brand that shouts simplicity and motivation through its logo. But it was “too simple” for the market that I was in, and they looked for other designs but I only had two because that’s what I can afford. So I wasted 300$ of my mothers money, because she’s the only one that supported me financially. But that didn’t stop me from pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams.  I ordered 5 designs from Fiverr, where the money came from my allowance every month; I had to endure not eating out, just to have those designs. I also invested on Ethereum because cryptocurrency is the thing in investing now, So I jumped right in for the long term investment. I also asked my mother money for launching this blog post so that I have an outlet of my ideas and my stories and to inspire people that everything that you worked hard for, will really pay off. I believe that all of these business ventures that I’m in will really have results in the future so I wanted to make a blog so that I can share this success with everyone that reads my stories. So that we as a family would learn from each of our mistakes and we may feel that we are not alone in dealing with all of this hardships.

That’s why I wanted to make this blog, to connect with people that deals with the everyday struggles of life and choosing not to give up wherever you are in your life right now because I know that someday, all of it will be worth it, you just need to stay strong.

Life as an entrepreneur is hard, your closest relatives would laugh at you, they will be skeptical about you, some people will think you’re crazy but the only thing that matters is that you believe in yourself and you never give up. I know it sounds cliche but that’s what entrepreneurship is about. It’s about sticking into your “Why” and constantly reminding yourself why you keep doing this, why are you keep striving, working, grinding your ass off. That’s what’ll make you stronger that’s how you’ll be successful in life.

You! The one that’s reading this! You can achieve whatever you want in life. Just always remember your biggest “Why” and you’ll eventually get there without even you noticing it.

Keep Grinding!