That thing you keep ignoring.

6:21AM – As I travel my way to school, I thought to myself “How does people afford to miss opportunities that are really good and profitable?” I came up with an answer that maybe people are just too careful. I get that people just doesn’t want any trouble, but in getting rich, it’s always about risks because the more risks you’re taking, the more richer you can get.

Skepticism is the next one. Yes I know, sometimes it’s too good to be true but if it shows that the person has a credible site and it’s for a good cause, then why hesitate? I remember when my friend wanted to have a small time business where he sells low price watches, he didn’t have any capital for it. So he asked me for help. I asked him, “Why di you want it so badly?”, he told me that people in his place wanted a watch for christmas but they didn’t want it to be free because they want to work for it. The problem was, watches that are in that place were too expensive, that’s why they can’t afford it. After hearing that story, I said to myself, “Can I really help this guy and can this guy return my money?”. Through his cause and passion for it, I finally helped the guy and made 50$, it’s not a lot of money but I made profit!

I was skeptic at first, I always asked myself, “would this thing work?”, and it turns out it does! It may seem too good to be true but it was the result of taking risks, and after taking those risks, I managed to also help people that wants to have a watch so that they look more presentable and feel confident about themselves.

How about you? What are the opportunities you think you missed and what are the risks that you’re afraid to take in the present? I would love to hear your thoughts. 😄