Who is The Blogging Entrepreneur?

Hi! I am The Blogging Entrepreneur and welcome to my blog! I made this blog so that non-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs alike, could see what an entrepreneur thinks about everyday of his life.

A little background about me, I am the owner of a small online clothing brand here in the Philippines. I also invest on bitcoin and ethereum. I am a college student as well and currently an intern at a public school.

So yeah, I work after I go home from my internship and I take care of the clothing line and invest on cryptocurrency. It’s hard but that’s what entrepreneurship is about, facing those hardships and being triumphant over them and prepare for the next wall that you’ll eventually break through and reach your goals!

I’m very excited to have you be part of my entrepreneurial journey and I hope that you can share your own experiences as well! I hope to inspire everyone that rides along with me in this journey and relate to the situations that an entrepreneur experiences.

Keep grinding everyone! 😀

– The Blogging Entrepreneur

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5 thoughts on “Who is The Blogging Entrepreneur?

  1. All the best on the Journey ❤

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  2. As a new entrepreneur my journey has been both exciting and nerve wrecking! Thanks for sharing, it was encouraging to read.

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  3. Thanks for the motivation

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  4. We would love for you to write on our website! Please contact us.

    (We are in America, but the Philippines is awesome. Check out our blog on how to live cheap while creating an online business)


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