Rebel for a day

I didn’t went to school for my internship today because I decided to spend the day for my business and investments. I just finished the logo for this blog and I’m currently thinking about the things that would make Muhen clothing more credible and known. I have a plan on releasing my second collection by the end of the month because it is a good strategy to post because here in the Philippines, paychecks are given by 15th and end of the month. That’s the time where people that doesn’t have credit cards have cash to spend.

Before finishing up the logo, I thought of hiring someone on fiver to make me a logo, but I don’t have the money yet because my debit card doesn’t have that much (sad), but I just made everything from scratch on so I saved a lot of money (more money for investments.) Constantly thinking about my investments on cryptocurrency, I wonder what is the price of bitcoin right now, as well as ethereum.

Well, It’s still early in the morning so I know there’s still a lot of things that’ll happen.

What are you up to today?