Today is the second week of our internship and my supervisor is not here. I’m hungry and I haven’t had breakfast yet because I had to rush to school because I was late.

We had our schedule for this week and I was assigned to ma’am felice (my supervisor), the teacher that we don’t want to be with because her personality seems odd and she always comes to school early because she opens the SPED room. This will be a challenge for me because I’m not fond of going to work early.

I always think that internship is a waste of time and that I should’ve been taking care of Muhen and my side job NU Skin, Instead, I’m here wasting my time making questionnaires and watching students being taught the alphabet lol. Sounds light but I would get killed of boredom here. Hope charis and leiry (my classmates) are finished so that we can have our break now. I’m really hungry.

I had an idea, but I have to verify first if there’s no one out there that does the same thing lol. I’m thinking of building a website where people that loves to write on their journals get to make money off of it. People can subscribe to them and read everything that goes through their day. People can create content for me, while all I need to do is have the right partners to do it, in which consists of web designers and writers that are willing to do the job for me.

It would be better if my phone’s data would cooperate with me. Still struggling whether should I loan some money from my mother again so that the designs for muhen would get off, or should I go and convert my money from bitcoin to pesos so that I can buy my own design, but it’s not the brightest thing to do. I think I’ll just go with the design because that’s the best bet that I have.

Texted my mom, I hope she agrees haha! My mother is the first investor that I have right now and muhen wouldn’t push through without her.

Searched on how to hack a smart bro because I found a wifi signal coming from it with full signal, that’s my gold mine right there. (Funny to think how desperate I am on getting internet)

I’m bored and I’m hungry, story of my life.

Internships done and now I’m waiting for my last class. My friends walked pass me and they said that our professor can’t come because she had to go somewhere. But I, as the diligent and patient student that I am (lol), I waited for her, even though she didn’t attend the class (ugh).

I’m going home and I had a free ride with my friend that had a motorcycle so I got home early. During my travel, I wasn’t happy about the price of bitcoin coming down, but, I still want to invest in it because I really believe that it’s not too late to invest in it.

When I came home, my girlfriend cooked for me which I was truly happy about because after all the long hours of working, I finally have my rest with this gal before I plunged into business again (lol), well, that’s the life of an entrepreneur, you always think about your businesses and how you can help other people while having the freedom of being your own boss.

That’s all for today everyone,

Keep Grinding!

Let me know you’re stories in the comments! I would love to read every single one of them! đŸ˜€